Come Reprezenta!

Apr 28

Come Reprezenta

Africans worldwide/ Come Reprezenta
All my lions and my elephants/ Come Reprezenta
Don’t forget about my lionesses/ Come Reprezenta
Africans with pride/ Come Reprezenta

Verse 1
We won’t give up/ We have to live it up
Africans worldwide come and represent with pride
Let them know you’re proud/ So make you say it loud
I’am African and proud to be from the mothaland
It no matta what you say/ it no matta what you do
It’s only in your mind that Africa is a Zoo
We know we no monkey, so you must be di donkey
Go clean your dutty mind cuz your breath’s kinda funky
Africans worldwide come and represent with pride
Fists in the air mek you wave them side to side


Verse 2
If you push push push/ We gonna push you back
If you kick kick kick/ We’re gonna kick you back (x2)
Africans Worldwide/Come and Reprezenta
Talking to some sistas, and also some of the mistas
Stop bleaching your skin mek you look like blistas
How can you love your kin if you don’t love your skin, huh?

Verse 3
Let me jump on di plane next  stop is Abidjan/ From Babicity destination Abuja/Lagos, Lome to Accra/Kinshasa non stop/
Next stop Cotonou all the way to Ouagadougou/ to go ziggi zagga zugu/ Bobo to Bamako/then I jump in my car one way to Dakar
/to go check Mr Simi/who comes from Nairobi/then I was on the plane to go visit Conakry



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