Dead Goats Don’t Fear Knives

Apr 28

We lyrically/
DeadGoats so we don’t fear knives , papi, we typically
And radically/
Fight back with da desperation of folly

Verse 1
Dead Goats style is a philosophy
Based on a simple animal analogy
See the goats live with the fear of death
Fear of the knife that’ll take their last breath
So when come the time to finally execute
They won’t go down easy like gun salute
They’ll fight for their life to go the extra length
And their fear of the knife gives them the extra strength
Dead Goats, they don’t fear knives
Unlike cats they don’t get nine lives
So it’s one shot, one chance, one boom
Else, it’s certain doom
Been there done that, so no fear that
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
If it kills you then you died much stronger
So face it no need to back up any longer

Verse 2
Eh jahhh! We about to go silly
Cuz we ate too much of the goat named Billy

Did you know those games where people clap
The wise mosquitoes they just don’t play
And the places where those same people crap
That’s where you’ll see the flies will lay
I know trouble don’t get up and look for people
But I sure know people who look for trouble
And when they find trouble they look surprised
Like you should help me instead of criticize
Don’t judge me and don’t throw mud at me
Cuz to do so you first have to get your hands dirty
So to each his own, me I don’t even boda
He who swallows a coconut trusts his boda


Verse 3
Dead goats don’t fear knives
Like fish in wata
Its instrument of demise
Now is the one it defies
When somebody bites you
They remind you you got teeth
Choose your fights and remember that
A skinny lion is still not a cat
Tell it to the mouse who even drunk
Knows the crossroad where the real cat sleeps/
Ancient wisdom from the ancient kingdoms
African wise slick like the oil palm
Dead Goats you’ve been running too long
 It’s time you realize you too can be strong
so come… help me sing along



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