For One Million Souls

Apr 28

Live Hip Hop

For one million souls/ Hip Hop was life
And billions, billions/ Hip Hop was life (x3)
We didn’t have much/ Hip Hop was life
But we tried to live the life/ Hip Hop was life

Verse 1

When i was a yute i used to love/ Hip Hop
Live Hip Hop/ i used to breathe/ Hip Hop
I didn't have the money but i tried dress/ FLY
Dress code FLY/ down to my shoes/ FLY
I may have looked corny but it was/ Hip Hop
Didn’t care anyway cuz I was/Hip Hop
I owned a couple tapes and they were/ Hip Hop
Video/Hip Hop/ Audio/ Hip Hop
Me and my man Rash, man we loved/Hip Hop
we jacked his brother's keyboard to do/ Hip Hop
We wrote about Rap/ and we rhymed Hip Hop
Summertime holidays spent listening to the same tapes/ over and over
We didn’t even speak English at the time/
But we already felt the love of the rhyme/
What can I say, man it was Hip Hop
Man we lived Hip Hop and we breathed Hip Hop so

For one million souls/ Hip Hop is live
And billions, billions/ Hip Hop is live (x3)

Verse 2

We did our first show, and we did suck
It was Hip Hop so we didn't give a …
Saturday, Hip Hop night at the club
That we hoped to attend for a little rub a dub
Impossible without parental authorization
We went to bed angry filled with mad frustration
Til we learned the skills of night navigation
Downtown Dakar was the only destination
Midnight /Hip Hop/ we out the window
Ready to storm the city like a crazy jindo
But first things first i went to see my man Talla
Gave him a holla/ and a couple dolla
Next thing you know i am hooked up
Dress code fly/ladies Looked up
Of course they were fake Tommys and Timbalands,
 but we all know that bootleg is part of Hip Hop/

For one million souls/ Hip Hop is live
And billions, billions/ Hip Hop is live (x3)

Verse 3

See we lived Hip Hop and we breathed Hip Hop
We danced Hip Hop and we talked Hip Hop
What about Hip Hop that was so attractive?
It was young it was rebel and it sounded agressive
The rappers on the tapes they sounded like us
On the screens we saw that they looked like us
The ghetto we knew so they lived like us
For Us By Us, so they thought like us
But the thing is we wanted to be just like them
 To be spitting that slang just like them
Guns going bang bang just like them
We wanted to be gangsters just like them
We all dreamed of going and living over there
Cuz it seemed like life was good over there
So Immi Immi Yo Immigrants immy yeah
Gimme that visa so I can get away



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