Got My Hustle Jacket

Apr 28

Got my hustle jacket
Got my struggle jacket/ Put on my hustle jacket
Rockin my struggle jacket/ low income bracket
Got my hustle jacket/ Put on my struggle jacket
Rockin my hustle jacket/ flow income bracket

Verse 1
Yo I’ve been travelling this life’s mystery
Trynna find the meaning of my true destiny
At this point I’m lost and I am seeking myself
still doubting the day that I’ll find myself
The advice that came from my parents was dual
They said go to school, son, don’t be a fool
And I lived according this golden rule
Cuz they bled for me not to live like a mule
Now I am three years out of an extensive college
With nothing to show for this expensive knowledge
Disappointments after disappointments
From music to job interview appointments
When you settle for less it causes disenchantment
But I am glad so far I don’t feel resentment
Even though I am scared I don’t control my future
I trod on, optimistic by nature

Verse 2
Looks like everybody gotta wear that struggle jacket
No matter the height of your income bracket
The struggle is hard to keep money in your pocket
When bills keep coming piling up by the packet
On top of your jacket you have put up your mask
Gotta keep on smiling even though you hate the task
To keep a steady job and food on your table
Support your family and remain stable
It ain’t the most exciting but it’s honorable
They say you gotta do what you gotta do
Responsibility ain’t fun (but) as a man, that’s what you do
You make an honest living on sweat and tears
Drinking perspiration where some will drink beers
You fight for your yute your must raise them right
Give them knowledge, wisdom, insight
So they stand a better chance than you in this fight
Paranoid humanoids dealing with  chains, in this life

Verse 3
Yo  hustle jacket is just like a shield/
Protecting my soul so I don’t have to yield/
To the pressures of Babylon’s field/
Deep down, I know my fate is not sealed/
Prophecy, always must be revealed/
All hardship can still be repealed/
Count your blessings some of them are concealed/
And most wounds, in time will be healed/
I wear my hustle jacket to face problems
Life problems/ Money problems
It’s the nature of life/ to be filled with strife
Many trials and many tribulations/
for the residents of these human nations/
seeking salvation through immigration
sot they can’t give it up/ they have to live it up
Dealing with hard times as they do come
I wear my hustle jacket to face problems
You wear your struggle jacket to fight problems

Against poverty/ wear your hustle jacket
Against all the stress/ wear your hustle jacket
Against disappointment/ wear your hustle jacket
Against disenchantment/ wear your hustle jacket
To protect from the cold/ wear your hustle jacket
To protect your soul/ wear your hustle jacket
To protect from being sold/ wear your hustle jacket
So only if you’re bold/ wear your hustle jacket
All Africans / wear your hustle jacket
Immigrants/ wear your hustle jacket
All Muslims/ wear your hustle jacket
Sufferers/ wear your hustle jacket



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