In Love Widda Jindo

Apr 28

In Love Widda Jindo
The Young Girl say she need just a Jindoooo
She don’t want no pimp no
    They Young Girl say she don’t need no pimp noooooo   
She’s in love widda Jindo
The Young Girl in love widda Jindo
She want don’t want no thug no
They Young Girl say she don’t need no thug noooooo

She look out di window
A long  time , that she wait for dat jindo
The right kind of man to break out the limbo
She don’t want no Rambo, no Sambo no Jimbo
Dat’s right, cuz the girl is no bimbo
Some say she bitter like fresh tamarindo
But a lie, for she sweet like Kindo
The young girl, and Jindo a combo
Down in the Valley of the River Bakongo
They waan go, the fever of Bongo
Dat kind of Love be the figure of Mpongo
Dat kind of love be the bigga of Jumbo
They fumble they stumble but they can’t crumble
Solid foundation could never tumble
Jindo inna Mercedes or Jindo inna pinto
Keep cool wybes and sippin on him Vimto
Ring Ring Ring, cell phone a ringo
She nah pick up cuz she know a di gringo,
Gringo and she waan just a jindo
They tell her she too black
They tell her she too strong
They tell her she too clean
They tell her she too…
The Jindo comes to love the Sweet Black Woman
The righteous woman, the virtuous woman
The darker the berry the sweeter the juice
The Jindo don’t deal in domestic abuse
Since she needs a strong man and not a strong hand
That’s why a Jindo is a man to recommend
To complement her life and help her ascend
Understand her needs and fully comprehend
She wants to be loved and she needs to be wanted
Not exposed, disposed and shameless flaunted
That’s why she say, she needs a jindo
To respect the woman and make her feel whole

Verse 3
They say she too black/
So she could neva be clean/
They say she too strong/
So she could neva be seen/
They treat the woman like a dancing machine
Sex object pon di yute TV screen
No be di way, for treating a queen
Since no be about what she got in between
Jindoh warriah and a preacha
Jindo Warriah and a teacha
She waan to measure the king’s treasure
She waan to feature inna Jindo future
She waan to nurture his wisdom nature
Woman no be about the man pleasure
Respect the woman dem di foundation
Loyalty love and true dedication
The women are the wisdom of the nation
From nation to generation

Nurture his nature/ feature in his future
Feature in his pleasure
He’s bringing di passion/ di dedication
Solid foundation/ to build up di nation
Truth and justice for the future generation
The jindo warriah bring inspiration



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