Pininini Microchips

Apr 28

Pini Mini

Verse 1
So what now, seems you can’t speak out the Truth/
Stand for Justice or enlighten the youth/
They monitoring everything right outta the booth/
As to make sure inequity runs smooth
You can’t stop the sun from shine with your hand
No matter what you do, the Truth will ascend
Over your spies and over you lies
Busting you bunker and up in the skies

Verse 2 (Wanlov)
Chale Boobah you see dey ting wey dem call RFID
Dey say dem come put computer inside me
but i be human being oh, i no be Robocop
Verse 3
Seekers of Truth man, you can’t confuse dem
That’s the reason why Babylon refuse dem
Try defuse with dem gold and gem
Collect evidence with dem spy system
Wrong system, Babylon System
They waan Lumumba or Malcom X dem
Revolutionaries, they try mute dem
Can’t mute them, haffi execute dem!



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