Popular Papillons

Apr 28

Popular Papillons
We poppin poppin off popular papillons

Verse 1
Yo Who dat ? What? A rhyme testa/
No man sounds more like a jesta/
Spitting saliva Sylvesta/
I let off rhymes like Winchester/
United they strike like Manchester/
MC I know you a Mike Molester/
Artificial like polyester/
Went to rap school for a semesta/
Got kicked out first trimesta
F up! Who you want pesta/
Sold out to corporate investor/
Targeting chavs livin in Lesta/
You’re like a wound that just festa/
My flow phagocyte rhyme digester/
Make you bob more than Robert Nesta/
When it hits you feel no pain…

Verse 2

These papillons, talking revolution/
When they don’t know what’s the real solution/
Inna Bob Marley shirt/
 Malcom X shades and Rosa Parks skirt/
Consciouness flirt/ 
I mean do they realize/
what’s the point of revolution advertised/
neutralized/ to be commercialized/
sp I emphasize/ I can’t criticize and just theorize/
Prac-tice makes per-fect tech-nique
So DJ grab on your Tech-nics
Let’s start with the radios/
Make our way to the TV studios/ and show them the prose

Verse 3
My armada fayapowa make you run steep/
Shadow Zu Clique click 5 five men deep/
Go for your jugular, Tabaski sheep/
We no regular, don’t come cheap/
African Hip Hop quantum leap/
We caught dem dead right in their sleep/
All they can do now is hate or weep/
Irrelevant we made a clean sweep/
We poppin poppin off popular papillons/
One man army for your bataillon/
Combat veteran with a medaillon/
Killa Bee stinging from mon aiguillon/
Elegant gentleman African Accent/
Evident, je ne sais quoi, element/
Come within the circumference/
Of the Boobah Siddik Sphere of Influence/




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