Senoufo Warriah

Apr 28

I am rhymin on/ Eh Eh
Zango/ Zango/ Ehh Ehh
I am rhyming on Zango or what

My armada practices Ramadan
In da Harmattan/ Spits darts just like a sarbatane
The African with a lexicon and a battle plan
Better than a million tiger Sandokan
Mountain gorillas and silver back lions
Black panthers with golden medallions
Emigrants traveling back to Zion
Jannah, on powerful wings black stallions
From the savannah to the arena
The Bambara Don Dadda no less badda
Senoufo warriah ready to carry ya
To the next area, causing hysteria
Bury ya, under deep layer
Hey ya, Boobah Siddik here yah
That jumbo gumbo face cute no pimple
Say she want sample my ample example
For shankle my nankle, grab on di ankle
Check on di angle and build di triangle


Fo sho! We can get deeper/
I must warn you the learning curve gets steeper/
Siddik Sixlames be Shadow Zu Keeper/
Islam on my heart comes Grim Reaper/
Lone Star heavily armed beat maker/
Construct symphonies on circuit breaker/
Shadow Zu music is no booty shaker/
Au contraire, feel it as intellect shaker/
Get the right seeds to cultivate your acre/
Rims on the mule that’s no, money maker/
But we still break bread like we get it from the baker/
If you love what you do, gotta be a risk taker/
Microphonethics MC Clinic
Cure the sickness of rap economics
We uplift the movement
With flow dynamics

Verse 3
Siddik is Boobah and not Raphael
My clientele fell for mon baby Caramel
Mon flow chocolat, I mean chocolate
if you miss the choko, then … you too late
Got you laying down face flat strait on your back
Shooting magazines loaded from front 2 back
 The Elegant African gentleman element
Elevates the style to the next increment
Incriminate my style liminate
Get my shine on I illuminate
You’re playing with yourself if you want playa hate
Cuz this is a style that you can not negate
So nega nega what? Keep you negativity
Clean levity is my daily activity
Positivity and not reactivity
I come to free your mind of mental captivity
So who’s di contender/ contesting my splendor
Rap styles blender/ I’ll smash the offender/
Clash the pretender/ we’ll see who’s so tender
Send me some hate I’ll return it to sender



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