Sound Time/ Microphonethics

Apr 28

Sound Time
Lyrics/ Power/Sound/Time

Verse 1
Music like knowledge holds much power/
 like the power to bring down Babylon’s Tower/
Who’s the artist but he who speaks Truth to Power/
He stays True to Power/ Though kicks may shower
He channels the energy of the collective/
in order for the music to prove most effective/
The massive, has to follow one directive/
Because music is not made to be objective/
Instead, follow them motions of your head/
Up down, up, down, just like I said/
Whether you’re a natty dread or you’re a baldhead/
African U N I T Y the bloodshed
Audio Video Microphonetics/
Boobah Siddik got microphone ethics/
Verbal hygiene and oral aesthetics/
Real talk, not speech prosthetics


Verse 2
Ask yourself djo, what can hip hop do for you?
Can it elect your president/ overthrow your government
Shame your minister or uplift your sister
It can and it did, yes indeed
The power’s in your voice you can use it when you need/
Speak Truth To Power, remember that’s the creed/ You meme you know so it’s time you do the deed/ It up to us to plant the right type of seed/
We can’t all be conscious/ but those of us who strive to be righteous/ get shunned overshadowed by the notorious/ devious venomous sharks/ they feed poison to the youth/
Put your TV on mute/ See how we self execute/
Smiles on our lips like we’re holding chips/ More sex, drugs and liquor/ more pleasure/ The exhilaration of self destruction.

Verse 3
See I don’t make music for pay
Just to get rich and forget yesterday
My goal is to bring chills down on your spine
The kinda vibes to dance to or to recline
Focus my energy on what’s topical
And my angle betrays latitude tropical
The remedy remains melodies medical
Shadow Zu hipolitics Po – Litikal
So many MCs done turn prostitute
Claiming they had to cuz they were destitute
Need to take to them to the Rap Institute
So they can learn what Integrity constitute
Big up the real, my people who feel
The ones who can tell which MC is ill
So large up yourself, yeah large up yourself
And this coming a true fan just like yourself



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