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Jun 16

boobahsiddiksetttingsun.JPG Boobah Siddik was in LA to shoot a couple videos for the upcoming release of the album. He shot the video for "Harmattan Winds" alongside Sandstorm Ja and Smoka Seez. Lord Cheik could not make it to the shoot because of conflicting schedules. After the initial location for the shoot was dropped because of permit difficulties, it was moved to the Marina Del Rey docks where it turned out the crew was able to get better shots than previously thought. Shadow Zu even got an official mascot in the name of "Red" a half labrador half pit dog that you will get to see in the video. The production was handled by Chubie Egbuho and Eric, two young and gifted up and coming actors/writers/entremetteurs on da LA entertainement scene. The following day, the production moved to Leimert Park to shoot the video for "That Music For Your Soul", which is the official first single for the album. Wanlov The Kubolor joined the shoot that took Boobah Siddik and his clan through this landmark are of Black Los Angeles. After and during the shoot, Boobah Siddik linked up with Silas from Bavubuka, a Ugandan MC who is touring the States right now promoting the African Hip Hop documentary "Diamonds In The Rough". They eventually shot a interview/discussion soon to be posted on UNOHH. The videos are in editing right now and should be available soon come.



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