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Aug 27


Dead Goats Album Cover

Official TrackList for Dynamik Boobah Siddik’s Dead Goats: Chronicles Of A Jindo

  1. Come Reprezenta
  2. Sound Time (MicrophonEthics)
  3. Harmattan Winds feat Shadow Zu
  4. Got My Hustle Jacket
  5. Mon Arme A Dawah
  6. Moko Feeling (Petit Go)
  7. One Million Souls feat Lord Cheik
  8. Pantalons Baisses feat Lord Cheik
  9. One Generation
  10. In Love Widda Jindo
  11. Music For Your Soul
  12. Dead Goats Don’t Fear Knives
  13. Pininini Dey Come feat Wanlov
  14. Most PowerFull Tool feat Lone Star
  15. Senoufo Warriah
  16. Popular Papillons
  17. Theo-Progressive (To The Most High)
  18. You Meme You Know feat Shadow Zu
  19. A Misanthrope

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