What’s New For 2009

Apr 15


Waddup fam? As you can see not much going on now but hopefully, that will change! As you can see, Dead Goats was never released as an album and that's an decision that i am going to stick with. After careful consideration, I've decided not to release it for the time being commercially because i am not satisfied with the album as a whole. I've also been busy with life, being a new father, and this whole slew of challenges has led me to reconsider if really, i was made for this music business. After careful consideration, i've come to realize that music will always be part of my life, one way or the other, and in that spirit, i've decided to start working on a new album, probably my last. I've got beats from Olatunji Mason as usual, as well as input this time from an old friend of mine, Mr Toops hailing from Paris whose musical influences run very close to mine and blessed me with some fresh offerings. I am in the process of currently writing to those tracks, and this time, i want to go contrary to my usual process that consisted of writing as i go. This time, i am writing the lyrics to the tracks in advance, to give myself more time to adapt and be comfortable when recording. I beieve it will lead to a more polished sound, and as my harshest critic, it will allow me to up the ante. The album is tentatively titled "Beaddims and Ribbeats", what can i say? No matter how hard i try, i can't do conventional, so i don't even try. This title reflects in my opinion the two biggests musicals influences in my life: Hip Hop Beats and Reggae/African Riddims and how really in my style they both mix and match effortlessly. It might be less cryptic than Dead Goats, but you'll be the judge. Stay linked up then and don't mind the silence, good things are in preparation! One love then and until such time!!!




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