Official Tracklist

Aug 27

Official TrackList for Dynamik Boobah Siddik’s Dead Goats: Chronicles Of A Jindo Come Reprezenta Sound Time (MicrophonEthics) Harmattan Winds feat Shadow Zu Got My Hustle Jacket Mon Arme A Dawah Moko Feeling (Petit Go) One Million Souls feat Lord Cheik Pantalons Baisses feat Lord Cheik One Generation In Love Widda Jindo Music For Your Soul Dead Goats...

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The Video for Harmattan Winds is almost here!

Aug 15

We just got word from Mr Chubie Egbuho that the video for "Harmattan Winds" will soon be available on Youtube. Stay tuned, the Dead Goats revolution is about to start!

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Boobah Siddik sur Africa Numero 1

Aug 09

Les singles de Dynamik Boobah Siddik "Come Reprezenta" et "Music For Your Soul" feront leur entree sur le Pic 30 du Mont Kilimanjaro sur la radio africaine Africa N 1 ces Vendredi 10 Aout 2007 entre 17h10 et 18h Temps Universel et Samedi 11 Aout 2007 entre 15h10 et 16h Temps Universel. Aidez le mouvement Dead Goats a atteindre le sommet de ce pic...

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September 28th: Dead Goats Unleashed

Jul 16

The official release date for the album has been fixed for Septembre 28th 2007. Stay tuned!

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Videos coming soon!!!!

Jun 16

Boobah Siddik was in LA to shoot a couple videos for the upcoming release of the album. He shot the video for "Harmattan Winds" alongside Sandstorm Ja and Smoka Seez. Lord Cheik could not make it to the shoot because of conflicting schedules. After the initial location for the shoot was dropped because of permit difficulties, it was moved to the Marina...

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