Compilation Hip Hop Vibes

Jun 01

Large up! Check out Boobah Siddik on the Hip Hop Vibes mixtape coming out June 9th 2009 in Dakar, Senegal. The mixtape is the work of a brand new label: Ay Vibes, which has been doing major work pushing ground breaking artists out on the Senegalese Hip hop scene. The label’s staff is very dynamic and professional and dedicated to the work that they do. The...

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What’s New For 2009

Apr 15

Waddup fam? As you can see not much going on now but hopefully, that will change! As you can see, Dead Goats was never released as an album and that's an decision that i am going to stick with. After careful consideration, I've decided not to release it for the time being commercially because i am not satisfied with the album as a whole. I've also been...

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Boobah Siddik Updates

Jul 18

Blessed Love to All! I know i have been offline for a minute but it is all on purpose. I have been working on setting up a more professional approach this music buesiness and will be back in 2008 with a new mixtape and the anticipated release of the Dead Goats projects. Thanks to all for keeping in touch and pushing me forward. This life is choices and struggles,...

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