Videos coming soon!!!!

Jun 16

Boobah Siddik was in LA to shoot a couple videos for the upcoming release of the album. He shot the video for "Harmattan Winds" alongside Sandstorm Ja and Smoka Seez. Lord Cheik could not make it to the shoot because of conflicting schedules. After the initial location for the shoot was dropped because of permit difficulties, it was moved to the Marina...

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Music For Your Soul/Looking For That Sound

Apr 28

Boobah Siddik Intro Ola Ola Olatunji, African Producer, be blessed DBS is the digital boom sound of Dynamik Boobah Siddik, with the style that is sick and the big that is, you meme you know, Shadow Zu is my Armada, bring fayah to your soul!!!Boobah Siddik? Hook Looking for that sound to make you jump up and ball/ Boobah Siddik got da music for your soul Looking for...

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